The Power of The Flower Heals You!

Bring harmony and healing into your life.

Aloha! We are open online and shipping out via US Priority Mail. We appreciate your business and send Aloha and Blessings to you and your family!

We have enhanced our cleansing and sterilization procedures to ensure safety and health. Mahalo Nui Loa! May our flower essences bring health and Peace to you.

Nature Lovers & Healers

Specializing in Flower Essence Remedies
Ancient Flower Remedies from Hawai’i

Founded in 1993, Hawaiian Rainforest Naturals is a family-owned company located at the edge of an 'Ohi'a Lehua Rainforest on the Big Island of Hawai'i.

This unique and sacred place is the only one of its kind and contains the most active volcano on Earth, along with native plants and flowers that are unique only to this environment.

Based on training passed down to our family from Kahuna Lapa'au, we have developed a process where fresh flower blossoms release their subtle energies into water.

The resulting flower essence energized waters are added to our products so that you may experience their gentle healing energy.


Hawaiian Rainforest Naturals, Inc

“I want to say “THANK YOU” for the wonderful products you have designed. I have been a lover of these energies for 5-6 years and clearly can’t have a favorite…they have all been wonderful and so good. They help me ease into my day and relax into my night. Thank you!”

DM, Colorado

Hawaiian Rainforest Naturals, Inc

“…Wow! I love your banana essence. It really gets me going in the morning…”

NR, Kona

Hawaiian Rainforest Naturals, Inc

“…I had a big interview coming up and was so nervous…I took Clear Mind and my thinking just calmed down and I was able to focus. It was so fast. Amazing!”

CB, Hilo

Hawaiian Rainforest Naturals, Inc

“Mahalo for your uplifting and healing flower essences. I just love your whole line. They are so gentle but full of mana. On my first day, I took banana and kinehe, and I felt it flooding my whole body and the energy gave me so much fuel, I felt like I could take on the whole world. These essences are worth all the gold and riches of the universe. I am taking back with me aloha and the power of Pele in these flower essences. Love and light to you and your mother. Thanks for sharing.”


Hawaiian Rainforest Naturals, Inc

…I have used the Soul of a Woman Body lotion on my feet and I’m so amazed
at the healing that’s taking place. I’m not really sure what’s up with my feet, but whatever it is,
your lotion is making a major difference…

BK, Louisiana

Hawaiian Rainforest Naturals, Inc

While in Honolulu last week I purchased some Relax essence and it is awesome!
I want to re-order and know more about your other products…

JP, California

Hawaiian Rainforest Naturals, Inc

...I stumbled upon your body lotion, “Soul of a Woman” while in a small shop on the Big Island. It is EXQUISITE!!! I’ve since ordered two more bottles and received a complimentary packet of your bath crystals, which I found as beautiful and amazing. I have very dry skin and am always on the hunt for true lotions. I absolutely LOVE your products! They are intensely delicate, magic.

L.J., Washington

Hawaiian Rainforest Naturals, Inc

…On a recent trip to the Big Island I purchased the Soul Of A Woman Mist, it’s wonderful and very uplifting…

MZ, Mililani

Hawaiian Rainforest Naturals, Inc

It is the ultimate in sensual luxury…

SB, Colorado

Hawaiian Rainforest Naturals, Inc

…Can you please tell me where I can purchase the Soul Fire For Men line?
Both my housemate and I are out of the Botanical Mist, HELP!!!!

DJ, Honolulu

Hawaiian Rainforest Naturals, Inc

I bought the Soul Fire For Men aftershave while I was in Hawaii
and have enjoyed using it so much…

MK, Australia

Hawaiian Rainforest Naturals, Inc

…I just received & used the Soul Fire For Men bath crystals and I LOVE IT! How can I get more?

AJ, Florida

Hawaiian Rainforest Naturals, Inc

...your new formulas are wonderful!! I especially like the Soul Of A Woman. Thank you…

CS, Honolulu

Hawaiian Rainforest Naturals, Inc

We have become addicted to your bath crystals and miss them! A great way to relax after the stresses of each day…

JB, Hilo

Hawaiian Rainforest Naturals, Inc

…got home from a 350 mile drive and took your stress release bath. Worked great. Keep up the good work. Shipment arrived fine, thanks…

KF, Illinois

Hawaiian Rainforest Naturals, Inc

…The Stress Release Formula came at a very appropriate time. Thank you. Enclosed is a small order. It comes with love and gratitude for you initiative in creating local business and promoting natural products. Peace and Aloha

MR, Honolulu