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Yellow Ginger Relax Flower Essence

Yellow Ginger Relax Flower Essence

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Relaxing to your body and your mind.

When we can relax, we can rejoice and know that all is well.
These flowers are carefully hand gathered and made into our healing flower essences which:

  • Yellow Ginger Relax Flower Essence helps your mind & body to let go and RELAX.
  • Excellent used topically and in massage to release muscle tension and pain.
  • Helps to alleviate anxiety and panic attacks.
  • Brings your energy down into your body, therefore Grounding and stabilizing you.
  • Take 5 drops under the tongue or in water, juice or tea. Place 10 drops in your water bottle.
  • Use topically, rub into hands, wrists, back of neck and places of tension or tight muscles.
  • All natural, organic & wild ingredients.
  • Combine with our other flower essences.
  • Relaxing and Grounding!

Combinations with Yellow Ginger Relax Flower Essence

Our Hawaiian flower essences are water-based extracts of flowers that are wild or organically grown in the Puna, Ka’u & Hilo Districts on Hawai’i Island. Made with tradition, respect and gratitude. Mahalo!


1 ounce glass dropper bottle ingredients: distilled water, wild yellow ginger flower essence, brandy (13% alcohol).

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