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New! Indigenous Essences

New! Indigenous Essences

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このハワイ固有種のフラワーエッセンスは、ハワイにしかないハワイ原種の花々で、だんだん見つけるのが難しくなっている貴重な花々です。 私たちは、これらの花を慎重に手で集め、癒しをもたらすフラワーエッセンスを作っています。

These Indigenous Hawaiian flowers are the original flowers of Hawaii.  They become more rare and hard to find everyday.  We carefully hand gather and make them into our healing flower essences

Koki'o 'Ula - LOVE LOTS! レッドハイビスカス-  fills you with love and happiness.  Brings you the awareness that you have so much love, you have enough and you are enough.

RARE, red Hawaiian Hibiscus.  No longer found in the wild.  These flower are organically gown on our farm in Kea'au Big Island.

Koki'o Kea - GLORIOUS! ホワイトハイビスカス-   Glorious, Gorgeous, Graceful; Empowering you with feelings of confidence, grace and beauty that shines forth from within.   

This Hibiscus known for its beautiful white fragrant flowers.  One of just a few Hibiscus in the world with a fragrance.  Sweet and lovely.

Kukui - ILLUMINATE ククイの花 Kukui flower essence shines like a light in dark places.  Helps to bring your thoughts to a higher spiritual perspective.  Cleans and brightens your feelings and energy.

Kukui is known for its ability to make light and is the symbol of enlightenment.  It has clusters of small white flowers and grows into a larger tree up to 25 feet tall.

Hau - SHINE BRIGHT! ハワイのハウの花 Hau flower essences fills us with a golden light of warmth and aloha.  It cleans our energy to brighten up our mood and helps us to be at our best and SHINE.


  • Flower Essences are therapeutic flower remedies that heal and balance the emotions. They bring our attention into the present moment where we can see our lives clearly and make healthy choices.
  • Healing and therapeutic.
  • Recommended for: Those wanting to experience the healing energy of the Big Island Hawaii. Full set includes flower essences that resonate with the 7 base chakras.
  • Our flower essences are water based extracts made from wild Hawaiian flowers growing on the slope of an active volcano. Filled with the transformative energy of the Big Island of Hawaii.
  • Made with Aloha through traditional practices of Hawaiian plant medicine.
  • Bringing peace through self transformation of our past experiences to forgiveness and love. Ka maluhia no me oe.

Our Hawaiian flower essences are water-based extracts of flowers that are wild or organically grown in the Puna, Ka’u & Hilo Districts on Hawai’i Island. Made with tradition, respect and gratitude. Mahalo!

Hawaiian Flower Essence

Flower Essences offer a unique and holistic approach to emotional well-being, utilizing the natural beauty and healing vibes of Hawaii to help improve your inner well-being. This kit comes with 9 different flower extract, each in 1oz bottles, designed to boost your emotional health and personal growth. These essences are made from flowers picked by hand in Hawaii's lush rainforests, famous for their pristine and powerful energy. Each essence is created with a lot of care and thought, aiming to help you feel better on the inside

Therapeutic and Healing: These essences work on an emotional level, helping to balance and heal the psyche by addressing specific emotional states and challenges.

Natural and Pure: Made from wild Hawaiian flowers grown on the slopes of an active volcano, these essences are imbued with the transformative energy of the Big Island of Hawaii.


15ml glass dropper bottles.
Ingredients: distilled water, flower essence, brandy (13% alcohol).

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