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Papaya Letting Go Flower Essence

Papaya Letting Go Flower Essence

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Papaya - Letting Go - Flower Essence

Helps to gently release past mistakes.
Letting go opens new doors to your good.

  • Papaya helps you to let go of emotional burdens and old habits.
  • Papaya Flower Essence helps you to let go of your past mistakes.
  • Helps you to release guilt and regret and see your mistakes as a learning experience.
  • Letting go and finding forgiveness with self and others opens new doors to your good!
  • Take 5 drops under the tongue or in water, juice or tea. Place 10 drops in your water bottle.
  • Use topically, rub into hands, wrists, back of neck.
  • All natural, organic & wild ingredients.
  • Combine with our other flower essences to increase healing attributes
  • Let go of the past and be in the present!

Combinations with Papaya

These flowers are carefully hand gathered and made into our healing flower essences, a water based extra of flowers that are wild or organically grown in the Puna, Ka’u & Hilo Districts on Hawai’i Island. Made with tradition, respect and gratitude. Mahalo!


1 ounce glass dropper bottle ingredients: distilled water; papaya flower essences; brandy (13% alcohol).

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