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Natural Bliss Organic Massage & Body Lotion

Natural Bliss Organic Massage & Body Lotion

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Natural Bliss Organic Lotion combines the wild flowers of Lehua, Azalea and Bamboo Orchids. These flowers are carefully hand gathered and made into our healing flower essences which combine to rejuvenate and uplift body & spirit.

This light and refreshing lotion is enriched with Shea Butter, green tea and grapeseed to nourish your skin providing age defying anti-oxidants.
– 72% certified organic ingredients.
– Big Island Flower Essences of: lehua, wild azalea, bamboo orchids
– Exotic and fresh fragrance made with only essential oils, no synthetic perfumes.
– Massage into hands and shoulders to revive your energy.

– Various Sizes available: 8oz, 1/2 gallon (64oz) & 1 gallon

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All natural organic ingredients.

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