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Ginger Honey Scrub

Ginger Honey Scrub

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Your stress falls away as wild honey and organic sugar gently exfoliate and polish your body. Coconut oil and shea butter infused with wild flower essences & extracts deeply moisturize. Hawaiian grown gingers invigorate you and boost your energy flow, bringing forth a fresh new look & feeling.

  • Made with Hawaiian grown Ginger root to boost circulation and invigorate
  • 55% Certified Organic Ingredients, no synthetic fragrances
  • Cleansing and healing to the skin
  • Infused with Lehua Flower Essence
  • Enriched with shea butter, coconut oil, hibiscus, marigold
  • For Professional Use
  • Renews vigor

Our ginger honey scrub is made with natural ingredients Hawaiian growing ginger root and fragrance and infused with Lehua Flower extract that assist with keeping your skin clean and saturated. Honey, a critical piece of this clean, keeps your skin from getting dry when you use it to scour away dead skin cells. Also, honey is ideally suited for your skin's prosperity since it has cell fortifications that shield your skin from tainting and other disastrous things in the environment.


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Weight-6 oz

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