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Bliss Rejuvenation Gift Set

Bliss Rejuvenation Gift Set

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Bliss, Bliss, Bliss!
This luxurious Hawaiian gift set will bring rejuvenation of body and spirit to your loved one.  Tuberose-Vanilla fragrance - So exotic and sensual

Blissful Rejuvenating Gift Set contains:
– Natural Bliss Organic Lotion 8oz
– Natural Bliss Bath Crystals 2oz
– Natural Bliss Aromatherapy Soap 4.5oz
– Natural Bliss Flower Essences 1oz

A great collection of organic body products and Hawaiian Flower Essences..
All products contain Hawaiian grown and all natural ingredients.
Bundle and SAVE!

Hawaiian Gift Set

Luxury Hawaiian Gift Set" is an impeccable assortment intended to revive both body and soul, making it the ideal present for somebody exceptional. This set is implanted with the fascinating and erotic scent of Tuberose-Vanilla, a fragrance that vows to move the beneficiary to the quiet and lavish scenes of Hawaii. Every item inside the set is painstakingly created with normal and natural ingredients, guaranteeing an unadulterated and delighted insight

Natural Bliss Organic Lotion (8oz):

This luxurious lotion is made with organic ingredients that nourish and hydrate the skin, leaving it silky smooth and delicately fragranced with the alluring scent of Tuberose-Vanilla.

Natural Bliss Bath Crystals (2oz): 

Transform your bath into a haven of relaxation with these bath crystals. They dissolve to release a bouquet of Hawaiian aromas, softening the water and soothing tired muscles.

Natural Bliss Aromatherapy Soap (4.5oz):

Crafted with natural ingredients and essential oils, this aromatherapy soap cleanses the skin while providing a therapeutic experience. The Tuberose-Vanilla scent enhances your shower, enveloping you in a blissful aroma.

Natural Bliss Flower Essences (1oz): 

A unique addition to the set, these flower essences are designed to uplift the spirit. Made with Hawaiian grown flowers, they can be used to infuse your environment with positive energy.


Additional Information

Organic body care with hawaiian flower essences. Blissfull rejuvenation with wild flowers and tuberose fragrance.

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