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Awa Mud

Awa Mud

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Provide lasting relaxation with ‘Awa Mud – deep release. Piper methysticum, has been used for thousands of years throughout Polynesia as a muscle relaxant and mood elevator. Our Hawaiian grown ‘awa produces a deep physical release while the Yellow Ginger essences provide relief mentally and emotionally creating lasting overall relaxation..

  • Mud Powder comes in 1/2 gallon-4lbs size with 1 bottle yellow ginger flower essence
  • 1/2 gallon size contains products for 48 full body wraps
  • 100% Natural. made with organic Hawaiian ‘Awa & earth minerals and clays
  • Cleansing and healing to the skin
  • Add water & essences to powder mix
  • For Professional Spa Use


Our AWA body mud is made with only natural ingredients, showing off how awesome and pretty nature is. It includes organic Hawaiian 'Awa, known for making you feel better, mixed with different kinds of earth minerals and clays. When you use it as a mud body wrap, these ingredients work together to clean out your body, put back important minerals, and make your skin feel new again, leaving you feeling fresh and your mind relaxed. It's a treatment that does more than just fix your skin—it helps your overall health by getting rid of bad stuff and helping you chill out.

Our body mud is not just a physical detoxification process but also a mental and emotional rejuvenation. This, coupled with the natural clays and minerals, provides a holistic approach to wellness that is deeply rooted in the traditional Hawaiian practices of healing and self-care.


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