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Level 3-4 Flower Essence Practitioner Course October 2024

Level 3-4 Flower Essence Practitioner Course October 2024

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When: October 6-12, 2024

Where: Volcano & Hilo, Big Island Hawaii

Experience and connect to Big Island nature and our own true nature through Huna, meditation, Hawaiian protocol, gratitude and Ho’okupu.  This course is packed with fun, learning and awe inspiring moments.  Join us as we have watch for rare birds and flowers in the forest and meditate with turtles in the bay.

This 7 day Flower Essence Practitioner course goes deeper into the Hawaiian Rainforest Naturals’ Flower Essence indications and their connection to the chakras and energy.  This includes lessons on choosing flower essences, making combinations and recommending them to others. We will also put our experiences and learning to the test with actual flower essence consultations. Certification of Flower Essence Practitioner Course, Level 3 & 4 will be given upon completion.  Completion of Level 1 & 2 classes are required to join this course.  See links below for options.

Excursion into the Hawaiian forest and experience where these powerful loving flowers and forests live and thrive in wildness. Journey from the mountains of fiery lava to our beautiful healing ocean.  Our head teacher, Melia Goodenow will guide you with her intuitive abilities and all encompassing love to release your blocks and limiting beliefs to make room for the joy and happiness of nature.  Discover yourself amongst the flowers and plants of the Hawaiian Rainforest!

Come and learn what Hawaiian Rainforest Naturals’ Flower Essences can do for you and the transformation they can bring to your clients.

Level 1 & 2 One Day Workshop

Level 1&2: Experience Nature in Hawaii

Flower Essences Full Set

Hawaiian Flower Essence Facebook Group – check it out!  Here we share knowledge and experiences with Hawaiian flower essences, plants, birds and nature.  Connect with our Practitioners and others who love flower essences!


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Includes Custom flower essence remedies and Mist making supplies.

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