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Hawaiian Rainforest Naturals, Inc.


Hawaiian Flower Essence workshops.  Visit the Big Island and learn about flower essences and healing.  Courses available from Level 1 Basic to Certified Practitioner. 

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2020 Workshop Schedule


Experience Hawaiian Flower Essences

Practitioner's Course 


Level 3-4

Hilo & Volcano, Big Island Hawaii      

October 4-10, 2020   

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Advanced Flower Essences Level 1 & 2


Level 1 & 2

Hilo, Hawaii

April 23, 2019      October 7, 2019                             

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5月11日・12日 東京ワークショップ     Tokyo Classes

5月18日〜20日 山梨県北杜市リトリート

Flower Essence Retreat Information


Connecting to Nature with Hawaiian Flower Essences


Flower Essence Level 2 certification & custom formulas included.

Volcano Big Island, Hawaii

April 16-18, 2019       

Big Island Cultural Experience 

5 day workshop Includes:   

Lei making  *   Lomilomi  *  Flower Essences  *  Ho'oponopono * Nature Experiences

Big Island, Hawaii          2019 dates to be announced                               

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2017 Workshop Schedule

Practitioner's Course 

Level 3-4

Feb 16- 23, 2016   Hilo & Volcano, Big Island Hawaii      

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Experience Flower Essences

Connecting to Nature with Hawaiian Flower Essences

FE Level 1B

Feb 28 - March 1, 2017   Hilo & Volcano Big Island, Hawaii

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Level 1 & 2

Advanced Flower Essences

May 24, 2017    Hilo, Hawaii                                   

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Experience Flower Essences

Connecting to Nature with Hawaiian Flower Essences

FE Level 1B

October 17-19, 2017   Hilo & Volcano Big Island, Hawaii

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Hawaiian Rainforest Naturals

Flower Essence Training Program

Level I Introductory Workshop 2 hours

Basic Flower Essences

 Next Classes:   April 23, 2019           October 7, 2019

An introductory course focusing on the special attributes of Hawaiian flowers and their essences.  We will cover basic knowledge and use of flower essences and how you can utilize them to harmonize and bring more joy into your life. 

Level 2 Training Program, 6 hours

Advance Flower Essences

 Next Class:  April 23, 2019     October 7, 2019

This advance course provides a deeper understanding of the Hawaiian Rainforest flower essences, their indications and the meaning and practices behind them.   This includes lessons on Huna: Hawaiian spirituality, and the healing energy of the Big Island.  This course will give a foundation for the continuation of the study of Hawaiian Rainforest flower essences.  A certificate of completion will be provided.  pre-requisite: Basic Level 1 course.

Level 2B

Lomilomi with Flower Essences

Next Class:    Japan 2019

This course will incorporate the use of flower essences with lomilomi massage.   We will focus on learning massage protocols that coordinate with set flower essence formulas.  We will also be using our Hawaiian scrubs, muds and lotions.

A certificate of completion will be provided.  Pre-requisite:  Lomilomi Level 1 course.

Big Island Cultural Experience

Lei Making *  Lomilomi * Hawaiian Flower Essences * Ho'oponopono

Next Class: 2019 TBA please email for more info 

Come and experience the nature and culture of the Big Island Hawaii!  Fun times in nature learning about flower essences & Hawaiian plants.  We will excursion into the forest at Volcano, visit special places including lava viewing at Hale'amaumau.  Basic Lomilomi will be taught for hands, feet and neck.  We will conclude our class with a day of lei making!  Come and enjoy this fun class that will provide you with certification for Level 2 flower essences, Lomilomi you can do on family & friends and a beautiful lei and the knowhow!

Level III Training Program, 4 day course                               

Practitioner’s Course

Volcano Big Island, Hawaii

Next Classes:  October 6-12, 2019 

This Practitioner’s course will focus on using the flower essences on self and others.  This includes lessons on choosing flower essences, making combinations and recommending them to others.  This course goes deeper into the flower essence indications and their connection to the chakras and energy.   Excursion into the forest to experience the environment where these essences come from.  Research required to certify, class is repeatable.

Level III-A Training Program

Practitioner’s Course – Research

At home study

Taking your learning to the next level - documentation.    Required is Self study flower essence treatment with documentation and questionnaire.  Students must provide 5 case studies of using flower essences due within 3 months.    Certification of Level 3 upon completion.

Level IV Training Program, 3 day course                        

Practitioner’s Course - Practical Application

Volcano Big Island Hawaii

Next Classes:    October 6-12, 2019

 A practical hands-on application of Level III Flower Essence Training Program;

 taking this knowledge and applying it in a Real-Time setting.

 Goal is to give students hands-on experience working with & recommending flower essences.    Provide Flower Essence consultations in an actual business setting with real flower essence  clients. 

 Certification of Practitioner’s Course upon completion and passing grade on final exam.

Hawaiian Rainforest Naturals

Practitioner Course, Level 3 - 4

Big Island, Hawai’i  October 6-12, 2019 

 Ancient Flower Remedies from the Land of the Sacred Goddess

WILD FLOWERS bursting with mana, growing in the Sacred Ground of Pele ignite the WILD place in you.  Come on this journey, led by Melia Goodenow co-founder of Hawaiian Rainforest Naturals, that will take you into the forests of Hawaii’s Big Island to form a bond with nature and your true self that cannot be broken.

Come and experience where these powerful loving flowers and forests live and thrive in wildness.  Come and learn what Hawaiian Rainforest Naturals’ Flower Essences can do for you and what they can bring to your clients. 

Our focus will be using these flower essences to help and heal ourselves so that we can help others.  We will experience and connect to Big Island nature and our own true nature through Huna, meditation, Hawaiian protocol, gratitude and Ho’okupu.  This 7 day course goes deeper into the Hawaiian Rainforest Naturals’ Flower Essence indications and their connection to the chakras and energy; including lessons on choosing flower essences, making combinations and recommending them to others.  We will also put our experiences and learning to the test with actual flower essence consultations.  Certification of Practitioner Course will be given upon completion.

This is a call to those who want to take their life and practice to a deeper level through an unforgettable Hawaiian experience.

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