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Whole Body Essence

Creating wellness for the whole self: spirit, mind and body

Deep in the Hawaiian Rainforest lives a jewel of the world; beauty, peace and abundance - the gift of flower essences.  Whole body Essence infuses flower essences and organic ingredients to create spa and body products that release tension on many levels.  Trusted and used professionally by world class spas to heal and luxuriate.  Bring the healing energy of the Hawaiian Rainforest into your space and watch transformation happen!

Formulated especially for the treatment room, Hawaiian Rainforest Naturals’ professional products consist of organic based products, utilizing Hawaiian grown ingredients and focusing on traditional Hawaiian uses and practices. Organic mamãki, ‘awa, wild lehua honey, kukui, wild rain forest yellow ginger, kīnehe, ti & lehua flower essences to name a few. Our treatments combine these indigenous ingredients with traditional Lomilomi style massage and techniques, passed down to us from our Kumu Lomilomi; creating unforgettable authentic Hawaiian experiences.


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Ho‘ōla ‘O Ka ‘Aina
– Healing from the Land –

Wild Lehua Honey Scrub
Lehua, the flower of the Big Island is truly represented here in this organic experience.  Big Island wild lehua flower honey and flower essences envelop you in the spirit of the Big Island; cleansing & healing the skin while releasing emotional tension.  Organic sugar cane infused with hibiscus & calendula dissolve old skin cells to gently exfoliate.  Coconut oil & shea butter deeply moisturize and polish, leaving your client feeling & looking radiant.

ginger honey scrub              lehua honey scrub                limu honey scrub

Mamãki Mud
This healing body wrap made with organic island mãmaki proves an excellent source for body detoxification and renewal. Mamãki, an ancient Hawaiian healing plant is traditionally used as a tonic to revitalize overall health. Volcanic mud sucks out tension & toxins while mamãki rejuvenates the body with organic vitamins and minerals. Finalize the treatment with a reviving all-over body moisturizing to emerge feeling vitally alive.

‘Awa Mud
Hawaiian grown ‘Awa mud for legs, feet & back draws out toxins from the body while providing deep relaxation.  ‘Awa & yellow ginger, both used traditionally as muscle relaxants and pain relievers, lull your client into letting go.  Releasing stress and tension carried from the past and finding the deep peace of the present moment.

'Awa Rub                    

This formula of Big Island grown ‘Awa & Ti flower essence brings synergy of mind & body.  ‘Awa & Ti, both used since ancient times for healing, combines the relaxing and soothing effects of ‘Awa and Ti flower essence to quiet & clear the mind - creating relaxation on all levels.  With over 75% organic ingredients, this treatment provides excellent nourishment for the scalp & hair.  Refreshingly scented with essential oils, contains no synthetic fragrances.

Kukui Oil Therapy
Hawaiian Kukui Nut oil infused with African Shea oil and Certified Organic Sunflower oil create an exotic massage oil with international appeal.  Hawaiian Kukui Nut oil, used in ancient times for it’s healing effects continues this tradition providing essential elements for skin rejuvenation.  Wildcrafted and cold pressed African Shea oil is highly effective in restoring and beautifying depleted skin.  Pure and natural Certified Organic Sunflower Oil is rich with nutrients to sooth and revitalize.  This medium weight massage oil glides over the skin easily and provides excellent control and grip.  Ideal for long lasting penetrating massage.

Massage and Body Lotions 

Stress Release Formula

The Stress Release Formula Deep Moisturizing Lotion combines the wild flowers of Lehua, Kinehe and Yellow Ginger. These flowers are carefully hand gathered and made into our healing flower essences which combine to release stress bring relaxation. This rich and creamy lotion absorbs easily into the skin and glides over the body well, making it an excellent choice for massage. Infused with vitamins A, D, E which are anti-oxidants that protect and restore the skin and maintain overall health. Vitamin D naturally occurs in skin cells making it excellent for repairing & healing the skin. Refreshingly scented with lemongrass vanilla essential oils.

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Soul of a Woman

The Soul Of A Woman Deep Moisturizing Lotion combines wild Lehua, White Ginger, Mango and Banana flower essences into a vitamin and nutrient rich lotion excellent for massage and daily use. These flowers hand gathered in the rainforests of Hawaii create the Soul Of A Woman Flower Essence Formula, designed to release a woman’s tense feelings and connect her to the beauty within. Infused with vitamins A, D& E, anti-oxidants that protect & restore the skin and maintain overall health. Vitamin D an essential element in skin cells, is good for repairing the skin and is also a great moisturizer. This rich and creamy formulation absorbs easily into the skin and glides over the body well making it an excellent choice for massage.

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    Natural Bliss

  Wild flower essences of Lehua, Azalea and Bamboo Orchids combine with our all natural   organic ingredients to rejuvenate the body and the spirit.  Made with 72% certified organic  ingredients plus a natural preservative system which conforms to organic and vegan industry standards.  Organic flower & fruit oils moisturize & nourish the skin.  African shea butter works to hydrate and protect dry skin. Grapeseed oil, green tea, vitamins C, A & E are antioxidants that protect against free radicals and provide anti-aging effects.  This lotion is excellent for the skin & body to heal and maintain health.  Deeply scented with exotic essential oils and containing no synthetic fragrances, Natural Bliss will create a joyful and relaxing experience for your clients.

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Ho‘ōla ‘O Ke Kai
– Healing from the Sea –

Hawaiian Salt Scrubs

Mineral rich exfoliating Pacific Ocean salts blended with Hawaiian plant oils & extracts. When applied they naturally remove old skin cells, improve circulation and deeply moisturize. Restoring and healing; creating firm, soft and glowing skin. Rich exotic oils & minerals nourish the body; leaving your client feeling relaxed and radiant.

VITALITY: with Hawaiian grown ginger and kukui oil, both used medicinally since ancient times, warms the skin and stimulates circulation to release deep seated tension leaving your client feeling vitally alive.

SURGE: healing kukui oil with cleansing citrus essential oils to stimulate the lymphatic system, boosting drainage and circulation. Excellent for dry & damaged skin.

BODY ALIVE: with Hawaiian vanilla bean oil to tempt your senses. Exceptionally soothing and sensual, excellent for couples. Delicious!

EARTH ENERGY: resonant and rich Hawaiian ‘Alaea clay pulls out toxic tensions. Deeply relaxing and grounding.

Bath & Foot Soaks

Create the ultimate bathing experience for your clients with our all natural healing baths. Made with only the finest natural ingredients and scented only with essential oils. Our bath crystals contain no synthetic ingredients and no artificial colors.

NATURAL BLISS: Wild flower essences of Lehua, Azalea and Bamboo Orchids create overall rejuvenation leaving your clients feeling relaxed and blissful.

SOUL OF A WOMAN: Wild Lehua, White Ginger, Mango and Banana flowers combine to release a woman's tense feelings and connect her to the beauty within.

SOUL FIRE FOR MEN: Wild Lehua, Yellow Ginger, Papaya and Rose are created into this powerful formula to release a man's mind and body tension leaving him feeling confident and satisfied.

STRESS RELEASE FORMULA: The healing essences of wild Lehua, Kinehe and Yellow Ginger combine to release stress and bring relaxation for mind and body.

WILD ORCHID PLEASURE BATHWild Orchids and Gardenias combine to open your heart so you can feel the pleasure of your spirit. Truly a joyful experience!

– Treatments –

Ti Mamãki Mud with a fresh Ti leaf body wrap, drawing out toxins and renewing health; Deep Tissue Lomilomi incorporating traditional Hawaiian Lomilomi style; Energizing Lomilomi bringing balance and restoring energy. Specialized treatments for men & women; ‘Awa scalp Soother to soothe the muscles and clear the mind; Lomilomi foot massage with pohakū & ti leaf. These sum up just a few of our available treatments. With over 20 years of experience, we specialize in creating custom rituals and products to best serve your needs & augment the mission of your spa. Complementary training is available with a minimum opening order.

The rainforests of Hawaii contain some of the most unique and rare species of birds, plants and insects, evolving here in isolation. Also evolved is an ancient culture, an ancient style of living as a part of nature - not separate from the source, but with reverence for all things. It is from this place that we bring forth our flower essences, our treatments and our company Hawaiian Rainforest Naturals.


Lomilomi Workshops

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Testimony & Praise for

Hawaiian Rainforest Naturals


…I have used the Soul of a Woman Body lotion on my feet and I’m so amazed

at the healing that’s taking place. I’m not really sure what’s up with my feet, but whatever it is,

your lotion is making a major difference
BK, Louisiana

While in Honolulu last week I purchased some Relax essence and it is awesome! 

I want to re-order and know more about your other products…
JP, California

...I stumbled upon your body lotion, “Soul of a Woman” while in a small shop on the Big Island. It is EXQUISITE!!! I’ve since ordered two more bottles and received a complimentary packet of your bath crystals, which I found as beautiful and amazing. I have very dry skin and am always on the hunt for true lotions. I absolutely LOVE your products! They are intensely delicate, magic.

L.J., Washington

…On a recent trip to the Big Island I purchased the Soul Of A Woman Mist, it’s wonderful and very uplifting
MZ, Mililani

 It is the ultimate in sensual luxury…
SB, Colorado

…Can you please tell me where I can purchase the Soul Fire For Men line? 

Both my housemate and I are out of the Botanical Mist,  HELP!!!!
DJ, Honolulu


I bought the Soul Fire For Men aftershave while I was in Hawaii

and have enjoyed using it so much…
MK, Australia


…I just received & used the Soul Fire For Men bath crystals and I LOVE IT! How can I get more?
AJ, Florida


...your new formulas are wonderful!! I especially like the Soul Of A Woman.  Thank you
CS, Honolulu

We have become addicted to your bath crystals and miss them!  A great way to relax after the stresses of each day…
JB, Hilo


…got home from a 350 mile drive and took your stress release bath.  Worked great.  Keep up the good work.  Shipment arrived fine, thanks…
KF, Illinois

…The Stress Release Formula came at a very appropriate time.  Thank you.  Enclosed is a small order.  It comes with love and gratitude for you initiative in creating local business and promoting natural products.  Peace and Aloha
MR,  Honolulu

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