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Over 20 years of making Hawaiian Flower Essence Remedies

Your emotions determine the quality of your life!  Our flower essences contain therapeutic benefits that aid in soothing and balancing the emotions and managing everyday choices.

Flower essences work to bring people's awareness in to the present moment.  Releasing emotional tension caused by past experiences or worrying about the future. 

In the present moment is where we can see things clearly and make better choices for our life.

Let our flower essences create a moment in time for you. 
Emerge feeling refreshed and renewed in your whole self; spirit, mind & body.

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- Flower Essences for everyday life -

    Hawaiian Rainforest Naturals flower essences are designed to help you meet the challenges of everyday living.  Our mission is to help people bring their emotions into a state of Pono, harmony and connectedness with nature. This is the role of our flower essences, to bring people’s awareness into the present moment and release emotional tension caused by past experiences or worrying about the future.  In this state of Pono is where we make our flower essences, bringing the healing energy of the flowers forward. We strive to maintain Pono in all that we do. We put our integrity and Aloha into all of our products and treatments, always remembering to give thanks and to give back to the Earth by taking care of this unique and sacred place.

            Combining essences will further assist you in managing your everyday choices and balancing your emotions.  Many combinations exist, it is safe and effective for you to choose the essences you need and use them at the same time.  Fast & easy to use; 5-7 drops under tongue or in a small cup of water 3-4 times per day.  When combining more than 2 individual essences decrease the number of drops to 3 of each essence.

Lehua    Papaya    Banana    Kinehe    Natural Bliss    Ti    Wild Azalea    Yellow Ginger    Stress Release

LEHUA  —  FEEL                                                 

Helps you to know and express your true feelings.

   Gives you the confidence to express yourself.

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Recommended For:
  • Those trying to get in touch with their own feelings
  • Those wanting to know & trust their own intuition
  • Those wanting to connect to Nature
  • Those who want to express more in their relationships
  • Those feeling trapped
  • Those who alter their behavior because of how it makes other people feel or think
  • Those feeling disconnected from their real feelings
  • Those having trouble making choices that reflect their own needs & desires
  • Those holding in their real feelings because they fear rejection
  • Those who override their own intuition and make choices based on other people’s expectations
  • Those who feel afraid of having what they really want
  • Those who feel they don’t have the right to have what they really want

Combinations with Lehua:


Helps you gently release past mistakes.
Letting go opens new doors to your good.

Helps you say NO to old choices and YES to new beginnings

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Recommended For:
  • Those who can’t forgive
  • Those feeling stuck in the past
  • Those holding on to old grudges
  • Those stuck in negative thought patterns
  • Those stuck in resentment, jealousy or revenge
  • Those blaming others for the problems in their lives
  • Those who can’t let go of events that happened in the past
  • Those who hold unresolved conflicts about their sexuality
  • Those who find themselves judging others often
  • Those who feel responsible for other people’s problems
  • Those who look for happiness or fulfillment from outside sources
  • Those who are stuck in old relationships & feel like they can’t move on even though it’s over.
  • Control issues: those who need to control others or let others control them
  • Those who give over the choices for their lives to others

Combinations with Papaya :


Helps you take action on your own behalf

    so you can get what you really want.


Helps you make good choices for yourself.

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Recommended For:
  • Those feeling stuck or in a rut
  • Women who are trying to find time for themselves
  • Those working to become an individual and do things for themselves
  • Those feeling overwhelmed with other people’s needs
  • Those who need other’s approval before making decisions for their own lives
  • Those who can’t take care of themselves
  • Those who can’t maintain personal boundaries
  • Those who break their word to others
  • Those who break their word to themselves
  • Those who fear being alone
  • Those who feel they lack courage
  • Those who fear abandonment
  • Those who feel they have to compromise their life for others
  • Those who feel they have to manipulate others to get what they want
  • Those who feel powerless over the thoughts they have about themselves
  • Those who lie even when they don’t need to

Combinations with Banana:

  • Those having trouble getting going in the morning: COMBINE with Kīnehe
  • Those feeling stuck in ambivalence or confusion and can’t move forward: COMBINE with Ti
  • Soul Of A Woman Formula: Releases a woman’s tense feelings and restores harmony to her whole self; resulting in a renewed sense of well-being and connectedness


Helps you rise above challenges and brings    

     new enthusiasm and a fresh outlook

Basic tonic helpful to most people to balance overall energy and see things in a new light.
Excellent for changing your perspective and seeing alternate ideas and options.

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Recommended For:
  • Those wanting to make changes in their life
  • Those who are ready to make changes but are not sure what direction to go in
  • Those who are experiencing unforeseen changes in their life
  • Those who are experiencing life changing events
  • Those needing a new beginning
  • Those who are stuck in the same old ideas
  • Those who don’t feel loved
  • Those who feel they don’t love themselves
  • Those who feel they have the right to judge others
  • Those who feel that their rules are more important than their love
  • Those who want to experience more love in their life

Combinations with Kinehe:



Creates an overall feeling of well-being and lightheartedness.

Wild Flower Essences of: Lehua, Azalea, Bamboo & Orchid
Uplifts mood and rejuvenates the body. 
Allows the desires & needs of the heart to move into the mind where they can be expressed & fulfilled.

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Red Lehua

Wild Azalea

Bamboo Orchid

Recommended For:
  • Those who are afraid to ask for what they need.
  • Those who feel down or having the “blues”
  • Those who are overly serious
  • Those who feel that life is too serious
  • Those who are afraid to be alone
  • Those who are afraid to be powerful
  • Those who feel they are being victimized by someone else
  • Those who feel they are a victim of life or circumstances
  • Those who can’t state their needs and boundaries
  • Those who criticize others
  • Those who criticize themselves
  • Those who focus excessively on their mistakes

Combinations with Natural Bliss:

  • Lifting Depression: COMBINE with Kīnehe
  • Those having trouble letting go at the end of the day: EVENING COMBINATION


     TI ( Kī ) — CLEAR MIND

    Helps clear indecision and repetitive thinking

    Excellent in the work environment and for making quick decisions.
    Opens the mind to the present moment, releasing thinking about the past and future.

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    Recommended For:
    • Those feeling confused and having muddled thinking
    • Those who have trouble making decisions
    • Those who want others to make decisions for them
    • Those who have negative repetitive thoughts
    • Those who feel they are at the mercy of their thoughts
    • Those who think that material things determine their value
    • Those who insist on rational explanations
    • Those who cannot stop and listen
    • Those who have trouble calming their mind enough to meditate
    • Those who feel they are being overly influenced by other people’s energy
    • Those who feel invaded by other people’s thoughts & feelings
    • Those who feel that they are being ‘dumped’ on by other people’s problems

    Combinations with Ti :



    Helps you look at yourself without judgment

    Helps you love & accept yourself 

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    Recommended For:
    • Those caught up in self criticism
    • Those wanting self acceptance & deeper compassion for self
    • Those wanting to stop judging others
    • Those wanting to stop judging themselves
    • Those who feel like others are always judging them
    • Those who are depressed & don’t feel the joy of life
    • Those who feel isolated & unloved
    • Those who feel unlovable
    • Those who feel they can’t connect with their spirit
    • Those who want to love themselves more

    Combinations with Wild Azalea:



    Helps to relax tight muscles and relax mental tension

    Counteracts side effects of over worrying and over thinking.
    Soothes the nervous system.
    Excellent on stiff muscles, rub in directly.

    shop yellow ginger

    Recommended For:
    • Those who over-react to daily stress and decision making
    • Those who ‘make mountains out of mole hills’
    • Those needing to relax after a hard day
    • Those needing to take the edge off the daily wear & tear of life
    • Those who suffer from mental pressures such as; perfectionism, excessive guilt, financial fears, social fears
    • Those who worry excessively or have a habit of worrying
    • Those who think they need to fix everything or everyone
    • Those who have mental tension caused by issues they need to let go of
    • Those who focus on the negative aspects of their life
    • Those having trouble falling asleep
    • Those who feel ungrounded: spinning out or floating away.
    • Physical or mental over-exertion
    • Targeting specific tense muscles – rub in directly
    • Massage – to release tight or blocked areas; physically or energetically

    Combinations with Yellow Ginger:


    Stress inhibits your enjoyment of life.
    This formula helps you release stress and move into relaxation
    Wild Flower Essences of: Lehua, Kīnehe & Yellow Ginger
    Releases stress and helps you to know that all is well.

    shop stress release


    Red Lehua


    Recommended For:
    • Those feeling “Stressed Out” or frazzled
    • Those feeling anxious and can’t seem to move beyond it
    • Those having trouble falling asleep due to over analyzing stressful situations
    • Those feeling frustrated with life
    • Those feeling frustrated with their job or relationship
    • Those feeling powerless over certain situations
    • Those who magnify issues
    • Those who dwell on issues & can’t let them go
    • Those who can’t find solutions to daily problems
    • Those who feel they are just getting by in life and go from one stressful situation to another
    • Those who feel destabilized by other’s demands
    • Those not facing their problems

    Combinations with Stress Release Formula:

    • In EMERGENCY Situations, for immediate stabilization and the ability to make quick clear decisions combine with Ti Flower Essence: STABILIZE COMBINATION

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are flower essences?

              Flower essences are an extraction of the healing vibrational energies produced by flower blossoms.  Fresh flower blossoms are gathered in the early morning and placed in water and sunlight where they release their subtle energies.  The resulting flower essence energized waters are added to our products so that you may experience their gentle healing energy.  These flower essences contain therapeutic benefits that aid in soothing and balancing the emotions and managing everyday choices.

    How do flower essences work?

              Flower essences move & expand throughout your emotional energy system, uplifting and transforming areas of discord.  They help to release the past where the blockage or discord occurred and bring you into the present moment.  Being in the present moment allows you to see the truth about yourself and your life, giving you a new perspective and an opportunity to make a new choice about whatever was blocking you so you can move forward.  Flower essences lead to a better quality of life through better choices.

    How are your flower essences prepared?

                First we must get into the present moment.  The present moment is where nature is.  It is not caught up in the past or the future but right here, right now.  In the present moment is a place we call Pono; harmony and connectedness with all things.  We are careful to maintain Pono throughout the entire process of making our flower essences so that the energy of the flowers is in its purest form - not mixed up with our personal energy but just the healing energy of the flower itself.  Once in a state of Pono we make our way through the forest or field to gather the blossoms we will use. 

                In the early morning as we gather the freshly opened flower blossoms, we   always ask for permission from the plant and from the forest or area where it is growing.  Carefully the dew filled blossoms are gathered and then floated in water and left in the sun.  It is at this time that the flower essence energies are released into the water.  After a few hours, the flowers are removed and the solution is strained.  Next, an equal amount of brandy is added for preservation.  This new mixture is placed into direct sunlight for a few more hours.  After this, the solution is complete and called the “Mother Stock”.  This is further diluted before the final bottling.  The original flower blossoms are given back to the Earth with many prayers of gratitude and Aloha.

    What makes Hawaiian Rainforest Naturals’ Flower Essences unique?

                Although every flower and plant has its own specialized attributes, it also is a product of its environment.  It contains and is made from the elements and the energy of the place where it grows.  That is why we gather our flowers for our essences from wild areas that have little or no human contact.  Luckily many wild forests are still intact here on the Big Island.  These wild places have a pure, raw energy that can be felt and experienced.  This raw nature is contained and expressed in the flowers we use to create our essences.  Being the most isolated land mass in the Pacific Ocean has created this unique ecosystem.  The rain forests of Hawaii contain some of the most unique and rare species of birds, plants and insects, evolving in isolation.  Also evolved is an ancient culture, an ancient way of living as a part of nature - not separate from the source.  In harmony  with nature and with reverence for all things.  It is from this place that we bring forth our flower essences.

    How do I use your flower essences?

                Our flower essences can be used individually or in combinations.  Many combinations exist, it is safe and effective for you to choose the essences you need and use them at the same time. The first thing to do is to set aside a few moments.  Be willing to relax and be receptive to the flower essences.   Fast & easy to use; 5-6 drops under tongue or in a small cup of water 3-4 times per day.  When combining more than 2 individual essences decrease the number of drops to 3 of each essence.  They can be taken directly from the bottle and placed under the tongue and held for a few seconds.  Add to water or herbal tea and sip.  They can also be further diluted into a dosage solution.  Essences can be applied externally, rubbing into the skin.  They are especially effective when applied to the wrists and the back of the neck.  They can also be applied to the meridian points and chakras.  10 drops in a warm bath is also an effective and soothing way to experience their therapeutic benefits.  External application is a good option for extra sensitive people and people sensitive to alcohol.

    What is the difference between “stock” and “dosage” solutions?

     Stock and dose refer to dilution levels.  Our essences are sold at the stock level, diluted only once from the original “Mother Stock”.  A dosage solution is further diluted from the stock level.  This is done by taking 10 drops of the Stock level flower essence and adding it to a ½ ounce medicine bottle filled with three quarters purified or distilled water and one quarter brandy.  At the dosage level, the flower essences can be taken up to 5 times per day.   When using this method to make combinations, decrease the number of drops to 7 each.  The dosage solution can also be made without adding the brandy but must be refrigerated.

    How did your company evolve?

                After we began making our flower essences in 1992 and understanding their healing attributes, we wanted a way to reach out to the everyday person.  Not just have these healing remedies available to people who knew what flower essences were, but to everyone.  We decided that offering them as a bath would be an easy and comfortable way for the everyday person to experience their therapeutic benefits.  Our bath crystals became very popular and people began asking us for more external use products.  After many years of research and experimentation we have been able to expand our offerings.  We are especially pleased to have our products used professionally by world-class spas and massage therapist alike, offering treatments to bring relaxation and healing not only physically but emotionally as well. 

    More questions?  Please contact us:



        Phone:        (808) 982-5989  USA

        Mail:           HC 2 Box 5732, Kea’au, Hawai’i   96749

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